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Headquartered in Northport, Alabama, Douglas P. Hollyhand, as President of Doug Hollyhand Realty, Inc., has over forty years of expertise in the development, construction and management industry of affordable housing. He has proudly been directly involved in the development and/or construction of over 9,000 apartment units utilizing a wide variety of affordable housing funding programs, including housing financed with various HUD programs such as the 202 program, low income housing tax credits, HOME funds, and Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Program awards. This experience includes developing or co-developing over 20 projects utilizing low income housing tax credits and the redevelopment of over 550 units of dilapidated public housing units.

Doug P. Hollyhand

President, Doug Hollyhand Realty, Inc.

Vice President, Hollyhand Companies, Inc.

Vice President, Hollyhand Development, LLC


William Riley Hollyhand

Vice President, Doug Hollyhand Realty, Inc.



With our extensive experience in building HUD apartment complexes, including the first HUD complex that Doug Hollyhand Realty, Inc. built in 1990-91, which was a 202 project in Montgomery, Alabama, for the Alabama Baptist Retirement system. Since 1990, we have been the general contractor for 19 other 202s (including properties in Georgia and Mississippi).


Doug Hollyhand Realty, Inc., has completed six HUD 811s and two HOPE VI developments. Over the past 10 years, they have been the general contractor on numerous apartment complexes that were financed with a combination of HUD financing and low-income tax credits. They have built or rehabbed, since 1990, approximately 106 apartment complexes.


Having sufficient financial capacity to meet the standards required by allocating agencies, investor limited partners, and lenders, Doug Hollyhand Realty, Inc. and related entities are a licensed and bonded general Contractor in the states of Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Georgia, with an unlimited bid limit.


Doug Hollyhand is a leading developer, contractor, and manager of affordable housing properties throughout the Southeastern United States. Mr. Hollyhand received his Business Degree from The University of Alabama in 1969 and has been part of the development and construction industries since 1972, forming the family owned businesses, Doug Hollyhand Realty, Inc., Hollyhand Companies, Inc. and Hollyhand Development, LLC.


He has built over 130 individual multifamily properties comprising in excess of 9,000 apartment units and the management company currently manages over 95 apartment properties comprising over 5,000 units. Mr. Hollyhand acted as a developer on 35 of those properties, and his portfolio of developed, constructed, and managed properties includes no foreclosures.



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